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Tate Britain. Multimedia guide

Working with the existing branding created for all Tate institutions, the challenge was to create an interface that was part of the Tate family yet distinct in its approach. Images selected from the gallery and artworks were used as a background to represent the concept of each section.

A simple menu and web navigation was used to make it accessible to all different types of users. Using highlights for the menu items created a more contemporary look.

The design and navigation of the map was also a challenge. Representing a gallery such as the Tate Britain on a smartphone screen and making it a useful tool was quite a feat. The feedback of users has been quite positive.

Working with a scriptwriter, interactive and linear content was created to appeal to different age groups. Visit Francis Bacon's studio, touch different part of a Rosetti painting to discover hidden symbolism of the Pre-Raphaelites, see how Hogarth modified his paintings, listen to some of Blake's poetry. These are only some of the content featured on the tour.

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