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Finial Capital. branding and website

The new logo mark with the interlocking "F" and "C" is used to bring out the company ethos as described by its slogan "Merging innovation and expertise to create value". Finial Capital is an investor and partner to different companies and this is also reflected by use of the interlocking letters. The merged shape of these letters is also three-dimensional which hints at the company's investment in real estate.

The new logo mark was applied to a full variety of stationary and business cards for the company. To complete the branding a new website was created. Finial Capital wished to have a website that was easy to use, search and navigate to provide information to its business partners. So a clean and modern look was created using a blend of illustration and graphics. The extrusions of the interlocking "F" and "C" help give a sense of movement.

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